A more than "meh" adventure

This is what a living hell looks like

(danganronpa/emoji movie)

The day was July 28th. If you didn't know, that day in 2017 was a terrible time in all history. Why? Because the Emoji Movie was out, and one of our fellow students of Hope's Peak Academy was ready to watch it. "Everyone! The Emoji Movie is coming out today! Does anyone want to watch with me?" Sonia announced into the crowd. Souda HATED the Emoji Movie, but, if it was for Sonia, this would be a date opportunity. "I will go with you, Miss Sonia!" Souda replied in excitement. Sonia ignored his comment and turned to Gundham. "Would you like to watch the Emoji Movie with me?" Souda's soul shattered again. "Yes, I would love to watch a demonic presence before my eyes." Gundham accepted the request. Sonia wrapped her arm around Gundham politely. "Well, that says it! I'll be going to watch the Emoji Movie with Gundham!" Sonia cheered. "I'm afraid Sonia has lost her sanity from this island.." Hajime said in thought. Yes, Hajime is here too. Hajime saw Souda's soul shatter. "Maybe she's watching it as a joke!" Souda tried to protect Sonia as she walks away with Gundham. "Nope! She's just stupid!" Hiyoko insulted Sonia. "How could you like someone who wants to watch the Emoji Movie? Pffffbt." "I don't think so.." Souda sadly walked back to his cottage, and set up a plan. "I can't believe even in dark times, Sonia will never do anything with me.." Souda cries as he curls into a ball on his bed. "WON'T DO ANYTHING WITH YOU, HUH?" Monokuma jumps out of nowhere. "Monokuma, you can shun me. I don't care." Souda snapped in anger. "Well of course I--" Monokuma is suddenly interrupted. "Hawawawawa! Someone sad AND lonely?" Usami bursts through Monokuma. "I can help!" Monokuma angrily leaves, and lets Usami do whatever she wants. He's going to toy with someone else instead. "You can?" Souda jumps back up to his energetic self. Usami nods her head and shows her newly repaired wand. "If Sonia likes the Emoji Movie so much, I will make you a part of the movie! Then Sonia can care for you! Do you want that?" Usami offers. Souda sighs before answering. "I guess if that's the only way, I can." Souda mutters. Usami then waves her wand around, and it gives off an enchanting glow. After she says a few words, a loud poof clouds Souda's sight, and he is transported to the Emoji Movie world. Souda wipes his eyes to see the big city of Textopolis. "It.. It worked." He gasps in a mixture of amazement and fright. He looks over to see an array of emojis. It ranged from the normal emotions, to even foods! Although the fact it was this made him feel sick to his stomach, he had to admit: this was interesting. Until he saw Gene walk out the door. Gene, his fictional worst enemy. Everytime he saw Gene, he wanted to shoot his multiple-emotioned self. He still did. He walked towards the gun emoji and snatched it, and pointed it towards Gene. "Any last words, Gene?" He whispered to himself, and put his finger on the trigger. Gene's face turned from a 😒 to a 😩. Gene froze. "I swore this was a kid's movie!" Sonia takes some popcorn, and throws into mouth. Gundham looks over at her astonishment. "I disagree, whoever lets their children see this horrifying imagery is morally corrupt." Sonia shuts his mouth and continues to watch. Souda pulls the trigger, and watches the bullet pierce through his enemy. "Huh? You meh now, Gene? Huh? Huh?!" Souda yells. Gene takes a few last breaths, and says his final line. "I failed my life as an emoji." Gene collaspes to the ground, and the other emojis circle around him. This would be the time Textopolis broke. Emojis wouldn't be the same without the protagonist. His parents walk over to see his corpse. Although they were "meh", they broke down to their knees and sobbed. "Why did it have to be our son? Why?" His mother sighed. Gene's father couldn't say any words. He tried to comfort her, then decided for them both to run off from the scene. Highfive couldn't stare. He just shyed away. Jailbreak ran over to Gene, and held his hand lightly. As soon as Jailbreak held his hand, the little emoji faded to thin air, just how he started. "Yay! Despair!" Monaca claps from the seats behind Gundham and Sonia. Junko smiles. "That's my little renmant of despair." Souda looked over at the mess he created. Somehow, he felt a bit.. Completed. He finally didn't have to worry about his arch nemoji.. But, now, it didn't seem quite right. Jailbreak looked over at Souda. Souda dropped the gun. "You did this, didn't you, Souda Kazuichi?" Jailbreak slowly moves towards Souda. Souda was scared, how did Jailbreak know his name? I mean, she's a hacker, but, Jailbreak couldn't know of him. He shivered, and ran quickly to the nearest vending machine. He'd need some soda for this. Jailbreak chased him. Suddenly, she smiles, and grabs out her little wallet. "You want a soda, don't you?" She looks to the left, then to the right. Souda nods his head yes. She then puts in fifty dollars, and gets 49 cola cans. Jailbreak throws every single can at him, at least, until Souda passes out. The credits then roll, and show an image. What does the image say, you ask? Well, let me tell you. It said... "It's no longer the emoji movie with out the one we need, Gene. That's why I avenged you." After a few seconds of showing the text, all you could hear is the cries of Jailbreak. Souda suddenly wakes up back in his room, and sees Usami. "Well, how'd it go?" Usami smiled and jumped. "I don't know what Sonia will think. I.. I destroyed it all.." Souda held a hand against his head, still feeling the slight pain from the cans. He then ran off to find Sonia. "Souda! Souda! I didn't know you were in the Emoji Movie! You made it so much better!" Sonia runs towards Souda and hugs him. Souda lets out a very happy grin, and hugs her tightly. "Are you okay though? Those cans must of hurt.."Sonia asks in concern. "Yep! Totally fine." Souda gave her a thumbs up. They then had a good day, and went to their cottages. But on their way home, a short, blue haired figure was watching..