f l o w e r t i m e *winks*

Cool song about protecting your world from stuff wow. (links to the bandcamp because there are two versions.

One is japanese, one is English! Check our Youtube/NicoNico for the videos!

Blue's favorite character from TGG is: RAWBERRY OR ETIHW

While Pink's favorite is: Ivlis aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

A song about an old, abandoned playground and 3 ghost kids. Gachapoid, Mayu, and Oliver sound lovely together!

Download the VSQX(S) Here! Comes tuned & untuned!

It's really just a fun mashup of a lot of things. Can you get all the cool-kid references?

Alter Ego of The Broken World is another fansong, about a little robot trying to help everyone!

Don't try to summon demons if you don't know what you're doing..

A song that was (100% poorly) translated! But, it's still pleasant sounding

A song based on a game that we still hold close to our hearts. Can you guess what game?

This song is unforgettable, like a luncheon! ..That is, if you don't burn your house down.

Hey pee-for-brains, can you teleport? I bet not! ..Right?

Just a lonely man, is he a god? We may never know! One thing is for sure, though.

Gachapoid is our saviour

The warriors of hope challenge you! Of course you'll lose, right? Or is it falling into her hands?

The song that started it all.. an edgy Tonio original. Ahh, memories.